Breathe New Life Into Your Shoes

Have your Hubbards professionally resoled, restored, and refurbished.

What looks like a new pair of shoes, feels like a new pair of shoes, fits like a glove on day one with no break-in period, and costs way less?

Your favorite pair of Hubbards, beautifully resoled.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Tony’s Shoe Service to resole shoes and restore your Hubbards to their former glory. In addition to putting on brand-new Vibram® soles, Tony’s Shoe Service will clean the leather uppers and can even provide you with brand new insoles and laces for an additional fee. 

The following men's styles are included in our Resole Program: 

  • 24 Seven
  • 24 Seven 2.0
  • Bucks
  • City Legend
  • DressFast
  • Early Winter
  • Founder
  • Frequent Travler
  • Highlander
  • Step Ahead
  • Hubbard Fast for Him
  • Hubbard Free
  • Hubbard Fresh
  • Ivy Legend
  • Market Cap
  • Mt. Tam
  • On-Time Traveler
  • Rainy Day Re-Boot
  • Re-Boot
  • Royal Scot
  • Tipping Point
  • Uptown Maverick

For more information and pricing, visit Tony's Shoe Service.

Resole Shoes with Vibram® Soles

The majority of Samuel Hubbard shoes are constructed with Vibram® soles to make them as comfortable as possible. Vibram® shoe soles are widely used in the shoe industry because of their reputation for quality, durability, comfort, and traction. So you can chase your goals all day long, every day. Learn more.