Work From Home Shoes You Can Wear to the Office

Work From Home Shoes You Can Wear to the Office

Do you wear these shoes at home or do you wear them to the office? Yes.

These select styles are crafted to be worn indoors or outside. The versatile designs streamline your outfit and provide a mix of comfort and style no matter where your work takes you.

With more businesses going remote since 2020, the nature of work has changed dramatically. As hybrid models emerge, where people will have the option to work from home or go into the office or both, the right kind of shoes will have you set for either location.

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Co. is in this very situation. As things are opening up in California, our staff members will have the option to work from home or from our office headquarters in Mill Valley. To simplify our footwear decisions in anticipation of this, we asked ourselves, “Why choose between at-home shoes and office shoes? Why not wear a style that is suitable for both?”

Fortunately, we saw the trend of comfortable dress shoes emerge early on and designed several shoes to fit this niche. One of our most popular designs is Hubbard Free, which is part of our Un-sneaker collection. Engineered to be a cross between a dress shoe and a casual shoe, Hubbard Free combines everyday comfort with elevated fashion. With nearly 3,000 positive reviews, we’d say this shoe hit the mark of capturing the functionality of both styles.

Now that even more people are transitioning between remote work and office work, we combed through our catalog to find similar styles. With the selection below, you can enjoy the comfort of home while at the office and the professional style of the office while at home.

Casual Dress Shoes for Him

24 Seven 2.0

Our Chelsea boot, 24 Seven, was newly redesigned by popular demand. We replaced the traditional elastic gore side panels with an innovative zipper construction. Travel to work, own your important meetings, and then hit the pub with friends.

“This is a superbly made men's boot that fits perfectly. I wear mine primarily on more formal occasions (with a business suit), but they're certainly suitable for casual wear as well.” - Art


The same comfort technology as our sneakers combined with the elegant details of hand-sewn leather welts and premium dress leather.

“The DressFast shoes are exceptional. I love having them on — around the house or in the office.” - Rob

Hubbard Free

Traditional sophistication with a modern edge. They are built to redefine expectations of comfort, so you can easily lead creative meetings, run errands, or work comfortably from home.

I recommend Hubbard Free to anyone looking for a shoe that is extremely comfortable and can be used for casual wear or dressed up” - Dee S.

Free Spirit for Him

The classic Italian driver moccasin, redesigned with the Hubbard Comfort System. Easy to slip on and off, Free Spirit for Him is great to wear around the house and convenient when you’re rushing to work.

“These are absolutely beautiful and totally versatile. Easy to slip on, with or without socks, for casual or dress.” - Terence

Casual Dress Shoes for Her

Free Spirit for Her

Inspired by 1960s Italian fashion, our slim, minimalist approach to this design is perfect for all occasions. Available in 10 unique colors so you can mix and match with any outfit.

“I bought these shoes for my wife. Her job requires her to be on her feet for the majority of her day in a hotel setting and she would come home with tired and hurting feet. After her first day of wearing these new shoes, she came home and her feet were not hurting. She also said she received a few compliments on the sharp clean look.” - Mark Q.

Women's Hubbard Free

These casual dress shoes are the fun, versatile solution to your busiest days. The rest of the world will see gorgeous shoes with luxury details, but you’ll just think about how fabulously comfortable they are.

"Perfect for every day and travel, especially for the world’s walking cities" - Susan

Designed with the Hubbard Comfort System

Each style in this selection includes the Hubbard Comfort System. Triple-density memory foam insoles, premium materials, and custom Vibram® soles make these shoes great for commuting or walking to work, too. So if you do have to leave the house, you know you can do so in comfort. Work from home, go to the office, walk to work? Yes, yes, and yes.