Waterproof & Winter Travel Shoes

Waterproof & Winter Travel Shoes

Traveling in wet and cold conditions makes it especially difficult to plan your footwear properly. A lot of winter shoes and boots are waterproof at the expense of comfort, which only makes the decision more complex. Winter shoes and boots shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable to protect you from the elements.

Samuel Hubbard’s waterproof shoes and boots are versatile enough to wear in any situation during a trip, including work and business meetings, which makes it easy to pack light and forgo a checked bag.

Travel Shoes: Winter vs. Waterproof

Winter and waterproof travel shoes are often lumped together, but they serve two distinct purposes. Winter shoes and boots are almost always waterproof, but a waterproof pair of shoes doesn’t mean they’re right for winter.

Waterproof shoes are designed to be worn during any season of the year, and there will be minimal insulation to stay cool during spring, summer and fall months. The outsole is more likely to be an all-season tread pattern and probably isn’t ideal for traction in snow and ice.

Winter shoes and boots are also waterproof, but have more insulation on the inside to keep your feet warm when it gets really cold. They’ll also have a more aggressive tread pattern on the outsole - usually lugged for traction in snow and ice.

Waterproof Travel Shoes and Boots

A good pair of waterproof travel shoes will repel wind and water while still allowing your feet to breathe so they don’t get wet and cold from your own sweat. A breathable membrane that keeps water out but still allows sweat vapors to escape.

The sole of the Rainy Day Founder is a Davos Ice Sole to give you more stability. This lugged design is perfect for slippery conditions where there’s lots of rain, or even some light snow. The Rainy Day Founder uses a waterproof membrane in their upper construction to keep your feet cool, but they still have sleek leather uppers that can be paired with jeans, slacks or dress pants. Most importantly, they don’t look any different compared to a normal pair of dress shoes or boots.

Winter Travel Shoes and Boots

For truly frigid winter conditions, look at the Winter’s Day or Snow Lodge 2.0 from our boot collection. Winter’s Day has a waterproof upper, with a shearling fur lining for extra warm. It also features the Davos Ice Sole outsole for superior grip in snowy conditions.

For the most unforgiving of conditions, the Snow Lodge is the perfect boot. It also has a waterproof upper and shearling fur lining to keep the elements out and heat in. The outsoles are the classic Vibram Carrarmato lugged design, and a side-zipper makes it easy to put them on, and take them off.

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