Wide Width Shoes and Why They Matter
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Wide Width Shoes and Why They Matter

Are you sure you’re wearing the right shoe size? You might need wide width shoes and not even know it.

There are a lot of people with wide feet who have been buying the wrong shoe size for years. Why? Well, the truth is that bodies change size. We all experience growth and physical changes and some of those changes⁠—weight gain, pregnancy, or aging⁠—can cause changes to your foot size. Traditionally, a lot of companies don’t include wides in their selections, which makes it nearly impossible to get the right fit even if you know that you have wide feet.

We’ve been changing that at Samuel Hubbard. We offer 38 styles of men’s shoes in wide and extra-wide widths.

Making a "True" Wide Width Shoe

Not all wides are created equal. Many companies make wide width shoes by simply adding more material. This does make the shoe larger, but it's not a true wide. 

We do things differently. Since Samuel Hubbard shoes are handcrafted, we use separate shoe lasts for our wide width shoes. A last is the solid form around which a shoe is molded. It's shaped like a foot and represents the anatomical information of the foot. By using wider lasts for our wide widths, we create wide width shoes that are more anatomically correct for your feet.  

We’ve always thought that shoes are the most important thing we wear every day. They do more than make a statement. The right shoes provide incredible support and make a positive impact on your long-term health.

The Importance of Wide Width Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoe size (length or width) has severe consequences for your well-being. Not wearing wides when you need them will cause discomfort. Over time, it can even cause deformity. Let’s avoid that, shall we? At Samuel Hubbard, we have an accurate sizing chart for you to use at home. It’s simple and it will help you know exactly what shoe size you need for optimal comfort. Use our men’s measurement tool or our women’s measurement tool to find your perfect size.

We know that adventurers are committed to long-term health. It has a genuinely life-changing impact when you start taking good care of your feet. You can go further and see more of the world in shoes that you can trust. That’s where Samuel Hubbard comes in. We care about your adventures too. We care so much about them that we are making the very best shoes to empower them. Wherever your journey takes you, take on each day in shoes that fit you. You deserve to wear shoes that keep you truly comfortable and that’s why we don’t say “just size up.”