The Best Travel Shoes For Walking

The Best Travel Shoes For Walking

Travel shoes for walking need to fit a lot of criteria, but they shouldn’t need to sacrifice style. A good pair of travel shoes, such as our Frequent Traveler leather loafers, is versatile, comfortable, durable, and stylish. You can comfortably wear them while walking around the city all day, and still wear them out to a nice dinner and some drinks.


Comfort is the top priority in a travel shoe designed for walking and that’s what makes walking shoes so different from other types. Travel shoes designed for walking are designed for constant movement. That means flexible uppers, a flexible sole and construction techniques designed for moving. Whether you’re running through the airport or exploring a new city, the shoes have to be up to the task.

Uncomfortable shoes can cause all kinds of issues like chafing, blisters, soreness, numbness and even bunions. All of these issues will derail a trip, so it’s important to pick a pair of travel shoes designed for walking.

Higher quality materials will create a more comfortable shoe. The insole and outsole are especially important - they take the most abuse and need to be lightweight and shock absorbent to withstand constant impacts. Samuel Hubbard shoes use triple density memory foam insoles, and Vibram or Davos outsoles to provide comfort and support.


Most travel shoes (especially leather ones) need to be broken in before they reach peak comfort. The break-in process allows the shoe to conform to the foot, which means the shoe can move with the foot and there will be less rubbing or chafing. The length of the break-in process will vary based on the shoe, but can sometimes take a few weeks, so a new pair of travel shoes should always be broken in before a trip.

Notably, the break in process for Samuel Hubbard shoes is very short, on account of the high quality materials used to manufacture them.


Breathability is critical when traveling in warm or humid climates. Travel shoes designed for walking need to be able to breathe, and move sweat away from the feet so it isn’t trapped against the skin.

The uppers on most running shoes are made using breathable materials, but the foam and fabric linings can retain moisture, which means they need more time to dry out between wears. Additionally, they can start to stink and break down over time, providing less support as they wear. Leather is a great material for walking shoes because it’s breathable, dries faster, and is less likely to develop an odor. Plus, leather shoes add extra class and style compared to running shoes.


Comfort and breathability don’t have to come at the expense of style. You can have a pair of travel shoes that are comfortable enough to walk around in all day, and still look great. It again comes down to the materials. Higher quality materials will perform better, while still looking great.


Versatility is always important when traveling, and having one pair of shoes that can be worn everywhere is critical. It’ll save you a ton of space in your suitcase and keep you under the weight limit for checked bags. A quality pair of travel shoes for walking, will have the comfort and performance of a sneaker, without sacrificing style. Samuel Hubbard shoes (especially the Hubbard Free) are designed for exactly this purpose.

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