Men's & Women's Shoe Styles For Traveling

Men's & Women's Shoe Styles For Traveling

Shoe versatility is critical when traveling, especially if you’re on a long trip or you’re doing a lot of different activities. Minimizing the number of shoes you need will help you pack lighter by wearing the same pair of shoes in different settings for different activities. Samuel Hubbard shoes are designed exactly for this purpose - something you can wear casually walking around the city, and then out to a nice dinner.

Shoe Styles For Traveling

Loafers, Slip-ons and Flats

Loafers, slip-ons and flats are the ideal footwear for flying, because you can easily remove them to get through security quickly, and then take them off on the plane. For experienced or frequent flyers this is critical - no one wants to be stuck in the TSA security line untying and re-tying their shoes. Plus, a nice leather pair are formal enough to wear to a meeting or out on the town. For short business trips, this could be the only shoe you’ll need.

Because loafers have a more minimalistic upper, they’re a lightweight style of shoe, which makes them easier to walk around in. This also helps keep the weight of your suitcase down if you choose to pack them. As an added benefit, loafers create better airflow to your feet, which reduces sweat and keeps you more comfortable.

Walking Shoes

For trips that include a lot of walking, you’ll need a walking shoe with good support. Loafers and slip-ons aren’t ideal for extended walking. Their open top design increases the chances that dirt and debris will get inside the shoe.

A good walking shoe will have these features:

  • Full upper

  • Adjustable laces

  • Breathability

  • Cushioned insole

  • Springy & flexible outsole

A full upper is critical to offer your feet more protection and support, prevent dirt from getting in the shoe, and ensure your shoes don’t fall off when you’re moving around a lot. Laces are ideal because you can adjust the fit as the day goes on. Standing or walking for long periods will cause your feet to swell. This is normal (and does go away) but can be uncomfortable if you can’t adjust how tight your shoes are.

Breathability is also key when wearing the same pair of shoes day after day. It’s important that moisture from sweat is able to escape the shoe so it can dry out overnight. Leather is a great material for keeping your feet dry and odor-free because it’s porous and allows moisture to escape.

A quality insole makes a tremendous difference in overall comfort and feel. The constant impact of walking compresses insoles over time. Avid runners (who run every day) typically alternate between multiple pairs of shoes to give the shoes time to decompress overnight. Samuel Hubbard uses memory foam insoles because memory foam is known for its ability to resist compression and rebound quickly.

Outsoles take the most abuse, and it’s important that a quality walking shoe uses an outsole that is durable, flexible, and has both traction and shock absorption. It’s tough to strike a balance between these features without making a compromise somewhere. Samuel Hubbard shoes use high quality materials because we know there’s no need to compromise. Premium Vibram® outsoles are springy and flexible to provide all day comfort regardless of where you’re going. 

Dress Shoes

Traveling for more formal events (like work, or destination weddings) often requires a more sophisticated pair of shoes. For short work trips (1-3 days), men can sometimes get away with a pair of dress shoes for the entire trip, assuming they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, and also work with less formal outfits. Dress shoes will typically have stiffer uppers and a stiffer outsole to resist leather shoe creasing. This construction makes them less ideal for longer trips with a lot of walking, where a flexible sole is critical for better comfort and a lower chance of blisters or chafing. Samuel Hubbard men’s dress shoes use a Vibram® sole and soft leather upper for superior style and comfort, making them perfect as an all-around shoe for short trips.

Women face a difficult dilemma in formal settings. If the event requires heels, a second pair of shoes is essential. If heels are required, pack a favorite loafer for the rest of your trip. If heels don't make or break the outfit at the big event, then opt for a pair of versatile shoes that can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of the outfit.

Winter Travel

Winter travel can be an especially difficult time to pack just one pair of shoes. For casual winter travel, you can get away with a pair of warm and comfortable boots, without worrying too much about what they look like. But traveling for work is more difficult - you can’t show up to a meeting wearing a suit with hiking boots. You need a pair of shoes that are warm, comfortable and have good traction, but are still stylish enough to wear with business attire. Samuel Hubbard makes a number of leather boots that are both waterproof and stylish, so you can wear them with whatever outfit you choose.

Travel Shoes For Men

For a travel-worthy pair of men’s loafers, look no further than  Ivy Legend or Frequent Traveler. Available in multiple colors and finishes, these are the perfect shoes for getting through airport security in record time.

For a comfortable all-day walking shoe, it’s hard to beat the Hubbard Free (also known as the UnSneaker ) or the  Hubbard Fast. Both of these are more casual leather shoes, with a buttery soft glove-leather lining and springy Vibram® soles.

For the most comfortable dress shoes you’ve ever worn, consider the Founder or the Bucks. Both styles are available in multiple colors (in leather, nubuck or suede). High quality European leather is paired with a Vibram® outsole for superb comfort, regardless of the setting.

Even for winter travel, Samuel Hubbard has your feet covered. Check out the Rainy Day Founder for a waterproof dress shoe, or the Uptown Maverick, which has a lugged sole for more serious winter weather conditions. 

Travel Shoes For Women

The Tailored Traveler and Tasseled Traveler are both comfortable women’s loafers available in a dozen colors to pair with any outfit. Both have glove leather lining and a modest 1 inch heel for superb comfort when traveling.

Look at the All Aboard or Winged Traveler for a shoe that blurs the line between a casual shoe and a dress shoe. A very modest heel means is stylish but still provides all day comfort.

If you need a winter boot that will stand up to the elements while still keeping your feet cozy, lace up a pair of Shear Alpine boots. They’re as luxurious as they are comfortable.