Samuel Hubbard’s Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

Samuel Hubbard’s Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

Starting a new year with resolutions to do better is a great way to set goals and prioritize values. We go through the same process when we’re designing a shoe. How do we create something that resonates with people? How do we lead with integrity? In what ways can we give back? We set goals for the quality we want to produce and it helps keep us on track all the way from the initial idea to the finished product.

As a shoe company, some of our resolutions will change with each year, but there are five key new year’s resolutions that we think are ideal. These top five are essential and provide opportunities for continual growth.

1) Improve upon our approach to sustainability. Each year we reassess our approaches to sustainability to see if there are ways we can do more to decrease our environmental impact. We launched a line of shoes created from PET material, which is made from recycled water bottles. We want to keep shoes out of landfills, too, which is why each Samuel Hubbard shoe is designed to last. We’ll even resole them, so that you can extend the life of your favorite pair.

2) Find ways to give back. We have a lot of gratitude for our community and look for opportunities to pay it forward. Our latest endeavor is the Trade-up Program, where we encourage people to put their unwanted shoes to good use. Donate a gently loved pair of shoes, forward the donation receipt to us, and we’ll send you a promo code for $50 off a pair of Hubbards. It’s our way of rewarding a good deed!

3) Connect with our community. This is something we do every day and the new year gives us a chance to reflect on how that connection is growing. We make sure to put customers first with our amazing customer service and look for ways to connect with people both online and in person. In 2020, we started an Ambassadors of Comfort group and received insights from core customers. In the coming year, we’ll be looking for ways to involve our customers even more.

4) Continuously strive to make the most comfortable shoes. At Samuel Hubbard, style and comfort go hand in hand. Our shoes are engineered to provide lasting comfort in order to keep feet healthy, which we believe is essential for a healthy life.

5) Indulge our imagination. Samuel Hubbard Shoe Co. was once merely just an idea — which shows that big results can come of daydreams. Crafting shoes is an imaginative, creative process. We are constantly innovating with new styles and have exciting products in the works for 2021!

We believe every good journey requires good shoes. We're looking forward to where our Hubbards will take us in the new year. Where will your Hubbards take you?