Meet Jeff: A Passion for Travel
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Meet Jeff: A Passion for Travel

Human. We’re a group of real people—and we’re in love with life. That’s why we love hearing about how our shoes are making an impact on our community and individual journeys. We asked you to share your stories with us and you didn’t disappoint. From the entries, we chose Jeff’s story to share with the rest of our community. Enjoy!

I own 9 pairs of Hubbards, but I have grown to love the Mt. Tam boots for traveling. I have found them to be tough enough to endure any conditions I might encounter while on the move. They are stylish enough to wear to dinner at any restaurant and durable enough to remain in perfect form for all of my adventures⁠—past, present, and future.

These boots have kept me comfortable on 2 trips to Asia while traveling through 5 countries. My most recent success story with my Mt. Tam boots was in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. The morning was spent hiking the rugged jungles in the Malaysian highlands. This is the same unforgiving jungle that is occupied by tigers, snakes, and a number of other plants and animals that one does not ever wish to encounter in their native habitat.

These boots kept me comfortable all morning and afternoon while trekking through mud, thorn, streams, steep ascents, and slippery descents. They were sturdy, dry, and as comfortable as my best pair of slippers.

Later on that night, I arrived back to the hotel to enjoy a fantastic traditional Cameron "steamboat" dinner. Naturally, the very same boots that were on my feet in the Malaysian jungle were also what I was wearing during my frequent trips to the vegetable bar. These boots are the best travel companion for any and every situation and will continue to come with me on every trip I make. I’m sure these boots will last longer than I will!

Thank you, Jeff W. for sharing your story with all of us—we hope that you continue to follow your passion for travel in Hubbards.