How We Made The Softest Slippers Imaginable

How We Made The Softest Slippers Imaginable

We’ve reinvented slippers.

With all the time spent indoors during cold winter months, we grew tired of slippers that were quick to fall apart. We wanted ultra-comfortable, durable slippers that could last the winter season year after year. Slippers that kept our feet warm and looked stylish, too.

So we handcrafted women’s and men’s slippers from premium materials, lined them with the softest shearling, and included custom soles that are durable enough to handle light outdoor wear. These slippers are like the warmest, coziest hug you can imagine — for your feet.

Men’s Slippers Made from Suede and Shearling

What makes our men’s slippers different than the rest? The handcrafted quality means that every single detail receives special attention. From the ultra-soft shearling lining to the traction sole, these slippers are specifically designed to deliver luxurious comfort and convenience.

Just how convenient? The durable traction of the sole means you can lounge indoors and run out to get the morning paper without skipping a beat.

Love my Hubbard slippers! They became my favorite for indoor wear at home (and trips to the mailbox). They look great, too!

Each handcrafted pair of our men’s slippers is also equipped with the Hubbard Comfort System: arch support, removable memory foam insoles, and premium grade materials. 

Women’s Slippers Made from Merino Wool and Shearling

Slippers so soft we decided to name them Hubbard Clouds. Slip your feet into women's slippers that will make you daydream of warm blankets, hot chocolate, and a beautifully lazy day on the couch. What sets these women’s slippers apart? Hubbard Clouds are made sustainably with 100% merino wool and shearling lining. The durable sole and outside construction mean that they won’t fall apart, even from years of wear.  

My favorite thing to wear! I work from home and once I put these on in the morning they don't leave my feet. I practically live in these slippers. It's been a year and they still look almost brand new.

Hubbard Clouds are OEKO-TEX® certified to be free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use. We use 100% merino wool that is produced with all-natural ingredients, using only plant-based dyes and never treated with harmful chemicals like bleach. Because your feet deserve the best. 

What Are the Benefits of Handcrafted Slippers?

When a product is handcrafted, each detail receives a personal touch from the artisan. Samuel Hubbard’s shoemaking artisans are based in Portugal and have generations of craftsmanship under their belts. This provides for a level of quality control that you can’t find in mass-produced products.

There is also the feel-good factor of knowing that your pair of slippers are unique — with handcrafted slippers, no pair will be exactly the same. And since Samuel Hubbard slippers are designed to last, you can enjoy luxurious comfort year after year.