How to Stay Fit & Healthy While Traveling
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How to Stay Fit & Healthy While Traveling

Most people think of traveling and vacation as a break from the regular diet and a time to truly indulge yourself. Buffet breakfasts at the hotel, tasting all of the local dishes and deserts, and do not forget about a drink in the evening. Taking every opportunity for a treat on your trip can ruin all your hard work and strict diet at home. We have six simple tips to stay fit and healthy while traveling, without taking away the fun of travel.

Go Grocery Shopping

While traveling it is easy to eat every meal out, but it is hard to eat well. Whether you are eating in the hotel, at a street vendor or in the nicest restaurant in town, sweets are bountiful and dessert is always offered. No matter where you eat, just like at home, make sure to eat your protein and vegetables first. When you arrive to your destination head to the grocery store. Pick up some healthy and protein rich food, especially snacks to take with you during the day. It is an easy excuse to eat out to try local foods, so step out of the norm and buy local flavors when you are at the store.

Use the Hotel Gym

Even if your accommodation does not have a gym, you can still find a way to work out. Many cities around the world have simple exercise equipment in the public parks to take advantage of at no cost. You can also follow some great routines all in comfort of your hotel room without any extra equipment.


Take advantage of every opportunity to walk during your trip. Opt to take the stairs rather than an elevator, take a walking tour or even plan a hike. It is key to bring a great pair of walking shoes, like the Re-Boot, to feel like you are walking on clouds all day long. If walking is not your thing, many destinations offer relaxed bike tours to keep your blood pumping.

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Get Some Sleep

Travel plans always include late mornings and relaxing days, but it is all too easy to fill your days with activities. Spending all day exploring a city and all evening enjoying its nightlife ultimately leads to less time sleeping than planned. Plan your days to get a good night’s sleep and keep your body in top shape. That means only stay up late if you do not need to be up early the next morning and sleep in late if you have evening plans.

Stay Hydrated

Spending your day in the sun will leave you tired and thirsty by the end of the day. Make sure to drink water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and your body happy. Getting dehydrated can lead from anything to a small headache to a sick day in bed, so make sure to drink up! This is more than remembering to drink water throughout the day, but to replenish yourself if you do partake in an adult beverage.

Enjoy Yourself!

The most important thing about traveling is to enjoy yourself! Being aware of your health and fitness while on vacation does not mean you have to avoid every single treat. Order a dessert, enjoy a drink on the beach. Just do not do it for every meal and snack.

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