From Wild to Mild, 8 Adventures For Father's Day

From Wild to Mild, 8 Adventures For Father's Day

This is the time to adventure together.

As a family-owned company, we at Samuel Hubbard value those who celebrate their fathers. Our founder, Bruce Katz, is a third-generation shoemaker. His father and grandfather helped instill the vision and quality of craftsmanship that guides everything we do. To this day, we are continually building on this strong foundation. We also know that fathers do so much more than teach us how to walk. They pass down strength, resilience, and even the tools of their trade. Fatherhood is so much more than biological inheritance. Fatherhood is stepping up to the challenge of a lifetime.

A father is someone who picks you up when no one else can.

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He teaches you that learning from your mistakes is a sign of strength and maturity. He opens up spaces for adventure, starting on your day one together. Dads teach their sons and daughters to explore. They demonstrate that pushing beyond fears to pursue increased independence and life-changing experiences is an empowering process. So this Father’s Day, celebrate your unique bond with whoever has stood by you. Go on an adventure with the man who has embodied fatherhood in your life. From wild to mild, here are some of the best ways to show him the impact he continues to have on your journey this Father’s Day.

Adventure 1: Skydiving

If you and your father are ready to dive into the boldest kind of adventures, that first leap of faith and the view from the skies will be incredible for your perspective. It has the potential to be life-changing. This idea requires some planning, so it's best to look for local options as soon as possible. This will make a significant impact on the dad with a bucket list that keeps growing. It's the perfect adrenaline rush. Prepare yourselves for the thrill that comes in the split-second transition as free-fall becomes a gliding parachute descent. For added impact, make it a surprise for your dad. He will cherish this once in a lifetime jump with you into the unknown.

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Adventure 2: Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is ideal for the dad who continues to demonstrate how to overcome obstacles. It helps if he doesn’t mind getting his boots dirty (we have a few ideas for the boots). Rock climbing is an incredible way to spend focused time with your father. Whenever you two have reached the end of the climb, take the time to look back and recognize how far you’ve come. This is also the perfect opportunity to reflect on how much your relationship has grown. If it goes well, this can quickly become a new tradition. Bragging rights are included, but make sure to pack the right gear!

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Adventure 3: Road Trip to a National Park

For so many people, time is the most limited and valuable resource. Spending a weekend together will remind your father of just how much he means to you. Get away from the stresses and habits of everyday life. This is the perfect weekend to go on an exciting journey. Hop in the car and drive to your nearest natural wonder. Explore the wild. We recommend using this adventure to find opportunities for a conversation about how much he has impacted you and influenced your growth. This is the perfect way to make memories by pushing into the unknown. Bonus points if you let dad drive. Bonus points if you get him shoes that were designed and crafted for exploring.

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Adventure 4: Sailing

Being out on the water is a great way to set up a relaxing, scenic day to celebrate your dad. If his idea of a perfect day involves being out at sea, this will become his new favorite holiday. Picture a sunny day, a gentle breeze, and calm waters. Check the weather and remember that timing is everything. Bring lunch and your favorite six-pack to enjoy together.

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Adventure 5: Photography

If you or your dad has a passion for capturing what makes the world unique and compelling, bring a camera or two for this special day. This is a simple but incredible way to go on an adventure together. Lace up your most comfortable shoes for a day on your feet and ultimately chasing the sunset. Pick a spot that you both have wanted to explore or a location with personal significance. Whether it’s a bustling city or a vibrant part of nature, photography will forever capture your time together. No experience required.

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Adventure 6: Hiking

Headquartered at the base of Mt. Tam near San Francisco, Samuel Hubbard is inspired by the possibilities for adventure that exist in nature. Every hike is an opportunity to challenge ourselves and connect with breathtaking landscapes. Even if you are far away from the hills and mountains of Northern California, hiking is a perfect Father’s Day option. Take your dad for a day filled with quality conversation, fresh air, and discoveries. Getting lost in the vibrancy of a local trail is always a good use of daylight (and you might even tone some muscles you forgot you had on the way).

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Adventure 7: Try a New Restaurant

Think back to when you were young, and your dad pushed you to try new foods. Years later, you have the opportunity to return the favor! Is there a kind of food your dad has never tried? Expand your horizons into new flavors, textures, and dishes. Find a local restaurant where you can take your dad out for a night of culinary adventure. As long as you check the reviews, this is a stress-free and low-risk option. Try ordering dishes outside of your comfort zone. Laugh together and enjoy the opportunity to reminisce about other incredible meals from past journeys.

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Adventure 8: Give Back

One of the most impactful adventures possible is taking the time to give back to your community together. The best dads teach us the value of changing lives. Whatever your passion, there is a cause near you that is eager for volunteers. No matter where you live, you have the power to make an impact with your time. Side-by-side, this will bring you back to the core of what you respect about your dad and the best ways in which you walk in his footsteps. Contact a local charity for volunteer options.

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Whether the experience you choose for the day is wild or mild, Father’s Day is the perfect day to say ‘thank you’ for the impact your father has had on your journey. Whoever fills these incredible shoes in your life, we are grateful for the men who make the sacrifices to be worthy of the title 'dad.' Samuel Hubbard is committed to celebrating fathers who help their sons and daughters challenge the impossible. The footprints that led you are now the footprints next to yours. Now is the time to adventure together. Where to?

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