The Best Shoes for Date Night

The Best Shoes for Date Night

You’ve both swiped right, or whatever has led you to this point. Your first date. The first date is often a stressful experience, and for many good reasons; what if the person you are sharing your time with on a date becomes the person you want to spend all your time with? Forever.

No pressure. Right? Okay, there’s clearly a lot of pressure on making the first date memorable -- from the outfit to shoes, to the time and location. We can’t help you with all your first date dilemmas, but Samuel Hubbard has your feet covered to help your date go comfortably.

A few shoes to consider from our first date collection:

Tipping Point:

Perhaps you’re looking to impress with a night at the symphony or gala event. For a formal date, Samuel Hubbard Tipping Point offers a sleek, sophisticated look and fit. Full brogue/wingtip styling extends from the toecap and along the seams for styling that will turn heads. Especially your date’s. First date conversation starter: What’s your most treasured memory?


Meeting for a drink at the local microbrew? Nothing says cool, confident and relaxed like our Founders. This classic 5-eyelet oxford has an air of authority and complements a fine pair of dress slacks or your favorite tailored blue jeans. First date reminder: Be a good listener.


Still not sure where the date will take you? The Bucks have you covered. They are dressy and casual, the perfect offspring of the Hubbard Free and the Founder. These are made from the finest full grain suede leather with four rich colors to choose from. First date motherly advice: Men sometimes drink too much when they’re nervous. Alternate alcoholic beverages with water and make sure you get enough food.

We won’t go so far as to say that your shoes could make or break your date, but why take that chance? Samuel Hubbard brings the comfort and style to help you get to your second date and beyond. To check out more of our casual collection click here.