Meet Bill Davis: For the Love of Golf Shoes
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Meet Bill Davis: For the Love of Golf Shoes

Bill Davis shares his love of golf shoes and the new Hubbard Flight Sport.

PGA Master Professional Bill Davis has been coaching golfers for over 40 years. He fell in love with the game at age 15, when he got his start working as a caddy. He’s since gone on to play and teach golf professionally, making his mark as a developmental coach for PGA Tour players.

As a golfer who spends all day on his feet, Davis understands the value of wearing comfortable shoes.

“I’m a traditionalist when it comes to golf, and it was the same with my shoes. I always wore golf shoes, so to speak. Then the industry changed from traditional leather shoes to more sneaker-type shoes. The manufacturing of shoes has progressed at making sneakers that offer good support — enough to play golf in — so I wear almost all sneaker-type shoes when I teach and when I play now, because of the comfort factor.”

Davis recently bought his fifth pair of Samuel Hubbard shoes and shared that the new Hubbard Flight Sport “is THE most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn!!!!”

He played three rounds of golf in these new shoes and discovered that Hubbard Flight Sport is more than just a ‘sporty’ shoe.

“They can be used as golf shoes, as well,” Davis explained. “You should make them in eight colors. If you did, I’d buy all eight!”

Davis is just as enthusiastic about the style of his shoes as he is about comfort. He owns two pairs of Samuel Hubbard Highlander dress shoes, which he pairs with pants when the weather is cooler. But for these warmer days, it’s shorts and sneakers. He purchased the white and navy Hubbard Flight Sport, since he already had a pair of sneakers in white and red. While Davis may love teaching the short game, he’s never short on style.

Up next for Davis is the PGA Championship games at Kiawah Island, SC. He’s bringing his wealth of experience, and his Hubbards.