Meet Chay Glasgow: The Lens of Football Wisdom
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Meet Chay Glasgow: The Lens of Football Wisdom

Football Athlete and Photographer Chay Glasgow

As a football athlete, Chay Glasgow understands the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. A proper fit can make all the difference, especially in the middle of a play. He also understands how quickly the course of your life can change in a single moment, so it’s wise to be prepared and know when to pivot.

In Chay’s senior year of high school, during a kickoff play, his arm got caught between two helmets and he fractured his wrist. In an instant, he was out for the season. Since football had taken up the majority of his time, he started looking for something else to do. He knew he had to pivot, even if it was just going to be temporary. He began taking photos with his iPhone and knew right away that photography was a natural fit.

Chay discovered just how well-suited he was for photography after he showed his mentor, Teddy, some of the photos. Teddy had worked in the professional photography industry for years and was impressed by the quality and artistry of the photos. He gave Chay a more professional camera — a Nikon D50 — and invited him to work alongside him during photoshoots. Chay credits Teddy with setting him on the right path with photography and helping him stay motivated with his goals.

Photo By Themon Edwurtz Berridge

Chay has always had a fascination with shoes, especially sneakers, so they are often the subject of his photos. He also likes tagging the shoe brands when he posts the photos to his Instagram account @chayg_flicks. When he received a pair of Samuel Hubbard boots as a gift, he was eager to share how much he loved the style by posting a photo of the boots on social media.

“The first thing that stood out to me when I put them on was these shoes are just so comfortable. I was wearing them when I was going on shoots and out with friends, because they were just so lightweight and looked good, especially with black jeans. These shoes are really well crafted, they’re really well put together. You feel the high quality of the shoe.”

Chay is currently in college studying to be a physical therapist and sports dietician. He remains connected to sports through his photography, as well, and it’s one of the reasons he’s drawn to photographing shoes. Footwear plays an important role in sports. Athletes know that if you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes, you can easily get injured. If your shoes are too loose, for instance, they can cause you to slip and twist your ankle.

Both Chay and Samuel Hubbard believe this philosophy extends beyond athletes — everyone can benefit their health by knowing what features they need in their footwear.

As Chay puts it, “You need to know what type of player you are, and what shoes fit you.”

The next pair of Samuel Hubbards Chay is going to try are the newly released Hubbard Flight Sport. The shoes are a natural fit for his active life.