5 Reasons Hubbards are a Great Value

5 Reasons Hubbards are a Great Value

We work hard to ensure that our shoes are worth the premium price, so we’re happy to bring you into the process. Our customers can feel the difference too⁠—that’s why we have over 10,000 five star reviews. If you know someone who has slipped their feet into Hubbards, they can tell you our shoes are worth it from experience. Read on for the details about why our shoes are exceptional.

Our Superior Sole System

Let’s start at the bottom. No one else in the industry can brag the same way we can about comfort. Our proprietary sole system uses the most expensive, luxury soles to create the world’s most comfortable and stable shoes. Our founder, Bruce, is never willing to budge on quality. So we begin every Hubbard style with either our exclusive Vibram® soles, our proprietary Hubbard Hybrid soles, our ExtraLight soles, or a Davos® sole. Each base is miles above industry standard and the proof is in every step you take. Better soles contribute to better long-term health and keep you on your path to adventure no matter the weather or terrain. They also create a foundation that makes shoes last far longer.

Luxury, Ethical Materials

We use the highest quality materials. Whether it was crafted using the finest leathers from around the world, shearling normally reserved for fine coats, or 100% merino wool, every pair of Hubbards is luxury to the core. We only work with tanneries in Italy and Portugal that have the highest-grade leathers anywhere and that follow European regulations on working conditions and environmental impact. We turn these fine leathers into stylish shoes with leather uppers and buttery soft leather lining. You can absolutely feel the difference. These are luxury shoes that feel amazing on your feet and that you can feel good about.

Quality Craftsmanship in Portugal

Portugal has long been known for the quality craftsmanship that its artisans bring to the shoe industry. We partner with a factory that upholds the highest working standards so that our craftsmen can work confidently and comfortably while they’re making the world’s most comfortable shoes. Every shoe is handcrafted with incredible attention to every stitch. We believe that the details make a huge difference in the quality of our products.

The Best Insoles in the Shoe Industry

When it comes to our insoles, we have to admit that we’re perfectionists. The insides of our shoes are nicer than the outsides of most. The majority of insoles you'll find in shoes are afterthoughts that were chosen because of their low cost. Our insoles are perhaps the most expensive in the shoe business. They are comparable to the specialty insoles that you would buy to replace the cheap insoles in your other shoes. we use triple-density memory foam, topped in silky smooth leather. They shape to your foot, feel like clouds, and make walking for miles feel like you’ve only taken a few steps. We think it’s important that for every one of your 10,000 steps a day, you’re comfortable. Investing in your happiness and health means investing in the shoes that will take care of your feet.

Innovative Design

All of our shoes are designed in the United States with meticulous attention to detail. We use our innovative approach to combine scientific discovery and groundbreaking design for shoes that not only feel incredible, but will get you non-stop compliments. We can’t tell you how many of our reviewers rave about people asking them who makes their shoes. We do and we make them look and feel amazing.