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Fast-fashion leads to overproduction resulting in excess inventory and waste.

Shoes don’t last as long as they used to because of cheaper materials and lower manufacturing quality. At Samuel Hubbard, we take a Slow Fashion approach—making timeless, high quality shoes that will be stylish long after the season is over.

The Samuel Hubbard difference

Hubbard Comfort System

Our removable memory foam insoles are coveted by discerning feet around the world.

High quality materials

Could we buy cheaper eylets? Yes. Could we find less expensive laces? Yes. Do we? No, and no.


Many of our leather shoes can be re-soled when you're ready, doubling the life of your Hubbards.

if your feet had an engineering degree, these are the shoes they would design.

- Bruce Katz, Founder

Designed in California

Everything began in Mill Valley, California with our founder, Bruce Katz. Having studied Engineering Physics at Cornell, Bruce’s approach to shoe design started with one goal in mind: keeping your feet healthy and happy. As the former co-founder of Rockport, Bruce honored his family's legacy of shoemaking and his own lifetime of experience in making the world's most comfortable shoes.

Handcrafted in Portugal

Drawing from decades-long traditions of craftsmanship, our shoes are handcrafted in Portugal and Brazil in factories that follow strict labor and environmental regulations. Our shoe-making artisans combine technology and scientific curiosity with artistic expertise to create truly remarkable footwear. No detail is too small—we obsess over every batch of leather, every lining, and every stitch.

Comfort Right Out of the Box

We use only the finest materials in our craft. We searched the world for the softest, most luxurious leathers, 100% merino wool felts in a rainbow of colors, and premium shearling that would normally be reserved for the most expensive winter coats. Our customers can feel the difference too⁠—that’s why we have over 10,000 five star reviews. If you know someone who has slipped their feet into Hubbards, they can tell you our shoes are worth it from experience.

Engineered for Healthy Feet

The first step to healthy feet starts with the right fit. Simply wearing properly-fitted shoes can help prevent most foot conditions and injuries. The right shoe will support your very foundation, which can increase mobility and lead to a more active lifestyle.



Help us keep shoes out of landfills and we'll send you a reward. Get $50 off a new pair of Hubbards when you donate your old shoes —any brand— to someone in need.


Check out our digital scrapbook we like to call "Lifestyles of the Stylish and Comfy."

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