The Story Behind Our Wool Collection

The Story Behind Our Wool Collection

The Hubbard Dreams Collection was inspired by our founder’s adventures through Scandanavia and Germany. Bruce Katz was hiking through Wengen, Switzerland with his family one summer when he discovered wool shoes from Denmark. He took them sailing in Sweden and discovered the wonder of wool shoes. They were warm, durable, and comfortable, but he knew they could be even more.

Bruce was inspired to bring Hubbard innovations to the tradition of wool clogs. For the next 11 months, he dug deep into the details, researched wool factories, and discovered vibrant colors available in merino wool from Germany. This discovery sparked the initiation of the Samuel Hubbard wool collection.

The result? Incredibly comfortable and colorful wool shoes that feel like sneakers. Tomorrow, you get to experience them for yourself. These groundbreaking Hubbards are lighter, anatomically contoured, and have soles that are closer to running shoes than old wooden clogs. The Hubbard Dreams Collection comes in 5 beautiful styles and 27 vibrant colors. We use our proprietary soles and insoles. We use the finest 100% merino felted wool, not a blend, and we use the brightest dyes. These details make the difference.

We know that you take most of your steps when you’re doing essential, everyday things. Dreams are designed for your days working from home and long days in your casual office, for cold mornings getting coffee with friends, and for running errands big and small. They bring a vibrant pop of color to jeans or leggings. Those everyday moments may seem small, but they’re a big part of your journey. Make every day meaningful. Where to?